Science Programmes

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein

The primary focus of our Science tuition classes is to develop the critical reasoning skills and creativity for Science. Based on the latest MOE Science Syllabus, students are encouraged to observe, think, ask questions and investigate. Activities conducted in the Science tuition classes are designed to captivate the students´ interest while teaching essential concepts.

Science Tuition Centre in Singapore

In each weekly lesson, your child will be guided through step by step, clarifying any questions your child may have for better understanding of concepts taught.

Our Primary Science Tuition Classes are:

- Once-a-week

- 1.5h per session

Primary 3 to 6
Science Tuition Singapore

Upcoming Events

28 May - 27 July 2018

Holiday Programmes

Workshops suitable for kids 7 - 14 years-old

1. STEM Workshops:

- Maker Factory

   * Toy Inventions

   * AirMazing Flying Machines

   * Small Machines, Big Builds

2. Robotics Workshops:

-  Robo Sense

-  Robo Missions 

3. Coding Workshops: 

- Design and Code Games


For more information on workshosps, visit us at:



I am writing to commend the teachers and staff of Kaesac Learning Centre at Marine Parade Central. My son, Cylus has been with the centre for 3 years and he enjoys the Maths and Science classes to a large extent. The teachers at the centre are patient...

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